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1. Head material: the head material is POLYFOAM; it is not different from the paperboard material or foam material that now most of costume head are made with.

2. Light: The head material is POLYFOAM, so it makes the head lighter than paperboard material, and the user can wear it for a long time, and not feel very tired, and not add the shoulder pressure

3.One-piece of the head material :: We use the advanced machine to manufacture POLYFOAM head, it is only one piece, it is stronger and enough hard to avoid to break when it meet strike accidentally ,User head can be protected very well,   but paperboard or foam head was produced by different  paperboard or foam pieces,  they was usually agglutinated by the bad glue water ,this kind of head is not very firm, and very easily to turn into fragment, At the same time, the glue water do harm to the User, It makes the User headache or feel unhappy.

4.Breather and vision : User can breath very well when he wears it, there are the hole of eyes and mouth and the neck area, They have enough ventilation for User, User have a good vision from the head eyes or mouth.

5. Eye net: there are plastic net on the costume eye, they can prevent the dust or the others into the User eyes.

6. Waterproof: POLYFOAM material can be Water resistance

7. Costume fabric:  We choose the high quality fabric for our costume. We fill polypropylene cotton Material in the middle of outer and inner fabric, It make the costume soft and verisimilitude.

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